The Black LIFE Study

The overall aims of this project are to explore the effects of multiple levels of racism on the immune function, and overall health of urban African Americans, and to test a novel structural-level intervention to reduce the negative impact of racism. Read More

Meritocracy & African-American Health

Many people believe that, with the right mix of talent, ability, hard work, and opportunity, anyone can achieve the wealth and success that the American Dream has come to represent. Read More

Neighborhood charm & disorder

Physical disorder is defined as the deterioration of urban landscapes. But what makes for a charming neighborhood? Read More

New article published on racism and mental health A paper investigating the effects racism has on African American mental health over time is published as a First Look (online ahead of publi More

Panel on racism and food justice Naa Oyo A. Kwate was one of four panelists at the New York City Food Policy Center's Food Policy for Breakfast series on February 17. The p More